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Third Eye Nootropics is dedicated to only using high quality ingredients for proven results. Our medicinal mushrooms go through the process of micronization. Micronizing is the grinding process in a high pressure and low temperature jet mill. This allows the nutrients from the mushroom to be fully preserved, making our supplements easily absorbed and powerfully effective. With our house blends specially crafted by our in house licensed dietary expert, you can microdose with confidence.

Our products focus on 3 groups of microdose nootropics.

1) Cognition – A combination of nootropics and psilocybin to help enhance cognition.Formulated to aid in improving focus and memory. Enhances mindfulness, creative thinking,and uplifts your mood.Ingredients: 100mg psilocybin and 400 mg cognition blend(lion’s mane, l-theanine, & niacin) Suggested dose: 1 – 3capsules

2)Calm – A combination of nootropics and psilocybin to help promote a calmstate of mind. Formulated to aid in reducing stress and anxiety.Ingredients: 100mg psilocybin and 400 mg calm blend(red reishi and magnesium glycinate) Suggested dose: 1 – 3capsules

3)Energy – A combination of nootropics and psilocybin to help improve energy and endurance.Formulated to aid in reaching a flow state of mind.Ingredients: 100mg psilocybin and 400 mg energy blend (cordyceps and rhodiola rosea) Suggested dose: 1 – 3capsules



Microdosing is the act of consuming a low amount of psilocybin or psychedelics. The small dosage does not give any affects of hallucinations typically associated with psychedelics. This does not mean there are no benefits.Through microdosing, one is able to achieve both short term and long term benefits via an elevated state of mind.People have reported benefits including, but not limited to, higher levels of creativity, mindfulness, focus, productivity, increased energy, better mood, and relieve of anxiety and stress.

HOW TO MICRODOSE? To microdose, cycle 1 day on and 1-3 days off to achieve the best results. Note that microdosing can increase your tolerance, thus, contributing in diminishing returns.

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