Buzzed Extracts – IMMUNE BOOSTER CBD Tincture 1000mg

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  • 1000mg CBD
  • 1000IU Vitamin D
  • 100mg Vitamin C
  • 10mg Zinc

Buzzed Extracts has scrambled to formulate a special tincture to help fortify your immune system to help guard against COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

CBD is known to offer anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Many natural health doctors have recommended a combination of Vitamin D3 + C and Zinc to help protect your immune system against this contagious respiratory illness.

The vitamin that’s really more of a hormone, deficiency in vitamin D is associated with increased susceptibility to infection.  Vitamin C has been shown to have a wide variety of beneficial effects on immune function. These effects are most pronounced before infection, and during early signs of symptoms.  Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase white blood cell counts in zinc-deficient patients but also increases the immune response in healthy patients.

Now, these great natural health supplements are available together to help protect you against many viral infections!

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1 review for Buzzed Extracts – IMMUNE BOOSTER CBD Tincture 1000mg

  1. lauracle (verified owner)

    Zero taste but also the effect isn’t nearly as helpful with this product, we found.

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