Golden Monkey Extracts Shatter 1g (Choose Strain)

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THC Concentration: 70% – 82.5%

Each order comes with 1 gram.

Golden Monkey Extracts Shatter (GME) is a premium shatter expertly extracted with medical-grade butane and a proprietary closed-loop method. Resulting in some of the purest shatters in the market. Golden Monkey Extracts continues to improve its process of making concentrates that retain the original terpene profiles and benefits of every strain. Every GME extraction process follows a 100+ hour purge. This removes excess solvents and impurities. GME’s terpene-heavy shatter is ideal for both medical and recreational dabbers in search of the best concentrates in the market.

Golden Monkey Extracts is a premium AAA+ concentrate. Processed using strain and phenotype-specific buds. The shatter is distilled using medical-grade butane and purged in state of the art vacuum ovens for over 100 hours. The end result is a premium, terpene-heavy shatter that is perfect for dabbing.


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2 reviews for Golden Monkey Extracts Shatter 1g (Choose Strain)

  1. Sputs (verified owner)

    Had the tangerine Dream tastes good and got me stoned. Really clear shatter too. Very nice!

  2. ShishkaBerry (verified owner)

    Black Widow – stable and snappy, light yellow. No smell, little flavor. What flavor there is is odd, I don’t really know how to explain it, like dry earthy glue. 6/10 potency w head high.

    Shishkaberry – sugared, really light yellow almost white. Little smell, odd flavor as the other. 5.5/10 potency, little more body high.

    I think these are crc – little to no smell, they have the same odd flavor as crc product I’ve had before, and are very light in color.

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